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Fitness - A Lifelong Pursuit

We've all heard about 80-year-old men who run marathons and 75-year-old women who are avid dancers, but how do these stories come to be? What is it that gives these individuals an edge over others in their golden years? In many cases, it's a pursuit of fitness that has spanned a lifetime. In other cases, it's a drive that has only recently emerged.

Fitness in and of itself is a rather arbitrary and even subjective word. In reality, it's the pursuit of good health involving three key components. The state of good health tends to arise when a person strives to make smart choices in regards to exercise, diet and even mental status. When all three components are addressed and fed, a person very likely has reached the best level of health they can for themselves.

Let's look at the three key components for attaining good overall fitness levels:


This is something almost no one enjoys doing, but it's an absolute must where good overall health is concerned. Exercise, however, doesn't have to mean calisthenics. It can mean swimming, biking, aerobics, jogging, dancing, weightlifting, boxing and even bowling. The key to a good exercise routine is to find something that is fun and gets the entire body up and moving. Whether it's working out on a rowing machine or dancing to the oldies, if the body is moving, it counts as exercise.

A solid exercise routine will involve the gradual workout of every muscle group in the body, including the cardiovascular system. This means a combination of different exercises, generally, but they can still be chosen for the "fun factor" and be effective. Good overall fitness cannot be achieved unless the body is worked out properly.


The body simply cannot function correctly without a good fuel intake. A balanced diet that includes the proper nutrients can make a big difference where overall health is concerned. Everything from carbohydrates and proteins to fruits and vegetables are needed by the body for different functions.

It is best for a person to eat a well-balanced diet that takes all major food groups into account. Water, too, is a necessity. Supplements may or may not be needed.

Mental State

People with a can-do attitude tend to have an overall health level that's a bit better than those who spend their time down in the dumps. While this doesn't mean it's necessary to be happy all the time, a healthy outlook can go a long way toward helping a person get out and achieve.

For some the pursuit of fitness begins at an early age. Others pick up the mission later in life. Regardless, when the three components for good health are brought into play, it's possible for a person to attain their personal best.



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